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Board Certified in Internal Medicine
After graduating from Magna Cum Laude with a Degree in Biochemisty and Molecular Biology at the University of Maryland Honors College, Dr. Patel completed her Doctorate of Medicine with Honors at St. Georges University School of Medicine. She then pursued and completed her residency training at Lenox Hill Hospital (NYU Affiliate) in New York. In her final year of Residency, Dr. Patel completed and was awarded the "Hazelton Award"—Training in Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Screening, Intervention, and Treatment. In addition, during undergraduate, medical school, and residency training, she collaborated her efforts and published numerous articles and abstracts detailing her research from prestigious institutions including NIH (National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland).
Dr. Patel then moved to Katy, Texas and has been actively involved at both Methodist West Houston Hospital and Christus St Catherine Hospital. She has held key positions including being the Director of Medicine, Member of the Executive Committee, Member of the Board of Houston Metropolitan Health Network, Ethics Committee and Performance Improvement Council. She has been practicing Internal Medicine for over 10 years and has received numerous accolades including, "Houston Magazine Top Doctors Award", "Top Professionals Award", "Patient's Choice Awards", and Top Physicians Awards".
Dr. Patel has been active in both bench work and clinical research since 1987. Her endeavors have spanned various research topics such as treatment modalities and side effects in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, analyzing perforation rates during diagnostic colonoscopies, analyzing the bio-kinetics of Rhodanese and 3-MPST in the detoxification of Cyanide, and characterizing and distinguishing the structure and catalytic function of Cholera Toxin and Heat Labile Toxin.
Publications :
Wing, D.A., Patel, H.C. and Baskin, S.I.: "The effect of picrylsulfonic acid on the in vitro conversion of cyanide to thiocyanate by 3-Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase." Toxicol.In Vitro. 6:597-603, 1992.
Baskin. S.I.; Patel, H.C., Neally, E.W., and Wing, D.A.: "Effect of sulfinates on Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase (MPST) conversion of cyanide (CN) to thiocyanate." The Toxicologist 12:167, 1992.
Acknowledgement: Technical Support & Collaboration in Assimilating Data
Baskin, S.I., and Wing, D.A.:"Cyanide to thiocyante by 3 Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase (3-MPST)." Faseb Journal. 4:A700, 1990.
Wing, D.A., and Baskin, S.I: "Modifiers of Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase catalyzed conversion of cyanide to thiocyanate in vitro." J. Biochem.Toxicology. 7:65-72, 1992.
Dheepa Ramasamy, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Dheepa Ramasamy, MD , received her Doctor of Medicine from Thanjavur Medical College, India in 1999 (MBBS), after which she did postgraduate training in Dermatology at Madras Medical College, India.

She completed her Internal Medicine residency at St. John Hospital and Medical center (affiliated with Wayne State University) in Detroit in 2009. During her final year she was awarded the Robert E Biirk award for her excellence in research.

She practiced General Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine before she moved to Katy and joined Katy Medical and Wellness clinic in 2014. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and has special interest in Preventative Medicine and Women’s health. Dr Ramasamy strives to provide compassionate patient care and while enjoying her practice of Internal Medicine also loves spending time with her two young children.
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